Tips for Choosing a Web Design Company

What can choosing the wrong web design agency could cost you? Time, money, clients and much more. Sometimes we are sold on a company based solely on what they say they’ll do. Then later find out they aren’t the right fit. Here some questions to ask yourself when choosing a web design agency.

How much does design really factor into results?
Design is important and we really kill it in this department. However, we know having a pretty site doesn’t mean you’ll get you more leads and conversion. “Intuitive” design is what it takes. By thinking through user behavior you will get a great looking site that meets and exceeds the needs of your users. This in return will help you accomplish your lead gen and conversion goals.

What matters most to you?
For us, it is very important that we are a good fit. This means many things to us. First, we want to make sure the type of work you need is within our areas of expertise. Then we want to ensure our cultures are a good mix for each other.

From the client’s perspective it is important that you find an agency that you feel confident about. Also ensuring that they truly understand your goals and objectives is critical. Are you being sold or are you buying into the right solution? Finding an agency that has the experience and expertise from past work is a huge benefit and will likely save you time and money.

Does their portfolio of website suit my style?
As the design world changes and technology gets more advanced, website design follows the flow. However, sometimes the newest designs and trendy features aren’t what you company really needs. Do a close review of the agency’s work. Do you see a trend of outdated style? Are the sites consistently dark or generic. Once main issues is the overuse of prebuilt WordPress themes. This should be a red flag as the agency isn’t building custom theme to suit each project’s brand and goals.

How does the agency “sell” you?
Are you being sold a website or are you buying a solution? You can buy a cheap website that will look great. However, it won’t solve your business objectives, problems or goals. So proving any ROI on your redesign with the cheap option won’t be feasible. Ask questions that dig deep into how the agency will develop a site that will meet your goals. Make sure the agency has a good grasp of SEO and apply it to their clients’ websites.

Don’t buy into trends. You want to make a decision based on the long-term success of the site. Trends can be good for the short-term, but in short time can look outdated and be disruptive to your goals for the site.

How are project requirements and specs handled?
Project requirements and expectations should be laid out in the beginning so that all parties involved so everyone has a clear idea of deliverables and timelines. There will be things that come up that weren’t anticipated, but this clear communication right off the bat will help both sides understand the scope of the project.


In the end, the best web design agency for you may come down to the best fit. Do you feel confident that your ideas any goals compliment each other? Do your personalities and cultures align? The ideal agency should be responsive, easy to communicate with, as well as, possess the talent, experience, and portfolio to back up their work.


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